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  • Customers like
    • How it softens my hair 1
    • Took frizz out 1
    • Way it made my hair style 1
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    • I do not have my product 3
    • Suspicious dealing on website and with customer service 2
    • That it blew up 2
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purchased an Instyler from INSTYLERAUSTRALIATV.COM , I was under the impression that it was an Australian Distributor. Opened the parcel to find 2 different Instylers..1 Standard Silver the other Black n Pink with wide plastic brush..and 2 Aust. Adapters !! Both cheap Imitations that did not curl hair. Contacted company ( based in CHINA) sent them back cost $75 postage. Told I would get my refund within 1 month. Emailed total of 4 times no... Read more

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Received My Max Instyler, by one get one free. Sent me 2 of the same kind. Got 2 of the 11/4" barrel, ordered - one purple 11/4" barrel n one black 3/4" barrel, got 2 pink 11/4" . Will keep pink one but will send one back so you can send me black 3/4" barrel. I have to pay postage which I believe is wrong, your mistake I have to pay for..I do love my Instyler so please send me my right Instyler 3/4" barrel. Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 01
  • #858210

I bought an instyler used it once and it stopped work. I'm very disappointed with this product.

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  • From mobile
  • May 19
  • #851005

Works Great...just to Hard to hold and to Big

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I bought one of the original instylers when they first came out. Loved it and even kept the free 2nd one for my RV. For years they worked just fine. My cousin was visiting and loved it also so I gave her my 2nd one. Well, after years of service, mine finally gave up - heating unit went out. I want another one, but they have gotten too expensive and with so many models, I don't know which one to pick. I do think they are over priced no... Read more

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The instyler intangle my hair in the roller and pull the instyler to my scap and burn and pull my hair out. Read more

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I bought the original Instyler in 2013. After one use, I had to have my hair cut off because I burned it so badly. My bad. The hairdresser said, "throw the Instyler away". She said the metal barrel was bad, and I needed a ceramic tool. Fast forward to 2016. My hair is long again, and I started using the Instyler on the medium heat. My hair has never looked more beautiful! BUT, now the barrel fails to rotate much of the time. I would say... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Mar 30
  • #819904

I loved it when i first got it then after a couple of months the teeth on the styler are all breaking off..

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TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE. My hair got stuck on the second curl and just kept winding up near my scalp. I had to pull out the plug before it could go any further. I called customer service about it and the Lady that answered was very snappy and had a rude tone. She even had the audacity to ask me if I owned or rented my home (my friends and I think that she thought that if I owned my home I'd be wealthier and if I pushed for a lawsuit or something,... Read more

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I have had my iron for YEARS, it's the ONLY product I've found that works for my hair. Now that it's getting older it has started pulling my hair out and the barrel has been, out of nowhere, showing nicks and scratches? I've always been VERY careful with my iron, so i have no idea where these scratches and nicks are coming from? It also shuts off randomly now in the middle of curling a section of hair. Anyway, i have no idea what I'm supposed to... Read more

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