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  • Customers like
    • How it softens my hair 3
    • Took frizz out 3
    • Way it made my hair style 3
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    • I do not have my product 3
    • Suspicious dealing on website and with customer service 2
    • That it blew up 2
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HI i recently purchased the instyler max, as i was letting it heat up to full capacity i had it sitting on the so called heat pad and lucky i was sitting right next to it because i could smell this burning smell and it had started to scorch the surface it was sitting on , it could have been a house burnt down if i had left it unattended, i truly believe it should be a thicker more heat absorbing material that the flimsy little piece of cloth... Read more

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I purchased a instyler in July of 2015, the bristols fell out of the brush part, so in December of 2015 I sent the instyler back to the company for replacement , while waiting for the return of a new one I went and purchased another new instyler. Now the one I purchased in December 2015 is not working properly so I can send that one back, so I get the one out that I received for the defective one and the first time I use it the instyler shut off... Read more

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My got my Instyler yrs ago and I just love it ! I take it everywhere I go on every vacation ! I have never burned my hair and I put it on the highest setting ! I have burned my ear or finger hurts for hours ! I love it so much I go my sister one ! And told her not to burn you hair by leaving it on her hair too long !! Without this Instyler I would or ever be able to do anything with my hair !! I have a head full of hair and believe me when I say... Read more

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I purchased the Instyler, turned it on to the high setting. IT BURNED MY HAIR TO A CRISP! LOOKED LIKE A BRILLO PAD! I called to return it and the rep told me to try the low setting and I did. IT STILL BURNED MY HAIR TO A CRISP! The second time, I took photos! DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT IF YOU VALUE YOUR HAIR! That's probably why they charge you the trial period fees because they know it is going to be sent back. I wish I would have seen... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 07
  • #896250

does not straighten hair. leaves my hair frizzy and with wavy lumps. nothing at all like they advertise and what's shown in the commercials!!!!

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 06
  • #895753

I've had and used instyler previously until one of the screws fell out and it was impossible to replace I loved it !! I am Caucasian and my hair is extremely curly and frizzy when it dries, I found that u may have to use styling products before using the instyler, but it's an awesome product in my opinion. My only complaint is when I ordered one on a trial basis with payments I NEVER got it!!!

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 28
  • #890499

Perfecter worked for 6 months then quit heating. A replacement was promised but never received. Customer service was not helpful. Agent told me I was SOL. Supervisor said the same think but was more polite.

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purchased an Instyler from INSTYLERAUSTRALIATV.COM , I was under the impression that it was an Australian Distributor. Opened the parcel to find 2 different Instylers..1 Standard Silver the other Black n Pink with wide plastic brush..and 2 Aust. Adapters !! Both cheap Imitations that did not curl hair. Contacted company ( based in CHINA) sent them back cost $75 postage. Told I would get my refund within 1 month. Emailed total of 4 times no... Read more

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Received My Max Instyler, by one get one free. Sent me 2 of the same kind. Got 2 of the 11/4" barrel, ordered - one purple 11/4" barrel n one black 3/4" barrel, got 2 pink 11/4" . Will keep pink one but will send one back so you can send me black 3/4" barrel. I have to pay postage which I believe is wrong, your mistake I have to pay for..I do love my Instyler so please send me my right Instyler 3/4" barrel. Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 01
  • #858210

I bought an instyler used it once and it stopped work. I'm very disappointed with this product.

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