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I purchased the two instylers. I tried one and it did nothing but make my hair frizz.

I then took the second one to my hairstylist and gave it to her to use. I went back today and she said she had not been able to use it either. When she tried it made her hair get frizzy also. Where is the beautiful straight hair that the commercial shows?

If a professional can't get the product to work as they can the consumer expect to get the results that it claims?

I tried to return it and they told me it was to late. So I am stuck with two of them now and out $119.00

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San Francisco, California, United States #929231

I just ordered the Instyler Pro....HOW CAN YOU CANCEL IT??? There MUST BE A WAY!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!




mmmm. the instyler is not as great as i thought it wud b.

but its okay. i found tht it doesnt work on all hair types. im a Bahamian n the majority of us have afrian american hair tht is relaxed. my fren gave me hers because it wasnt workin on her hair.

but it does fine 4 me. only complaint it is realllyyyyy hot n it makes hair smell burnt

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