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Let me begin by saying I have had my InSyler for a few months it was not until yesterday that I realized that the small tag on the end by the plug in says "Warning the power cord in this product contains lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause (cancer, and) birth defects or other reproductive harm. WASH HANDS AFTER HANDLING." I have used this product several times and love the product I wish they would put another cord on the product. I so would not have purchased it, if I had know it contained lead, the sad part is I have had it to long to return it.

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Wow! Someone post a question about health issues and look at all the vain people.

I don't think half of them even knew what this article was about, smh.

@Susann, there is nothing wrong with being health conscious in today's society. Did you hear about the meningitis outbreak?!


I bought the instyler and it works great in my hair the only problem is the cord about the whole cancer stuff i realized about the tag in the instyler was 3 months after i got it but How Can I cover the cord so i dont get cancer or birth defects ? :)

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #284245

Oh I use it and my hair is no longer an uncontrollable mass of frizz.. It is smooth and luxurious, and everyone looks at it..

As to that lead warning..

Well I wrapped the cord up in a plastic sack and I keep it seperate from everything else.. and I do wash my hands and surrounding areas when done..Make sure it is cool first.It does not take long..

Wow I like looking in the mirror..LOL


Actually my cord doesnt say it contans lead but the products works GREAT for me and my daughter...we have african american hair and it does wonders...however i searched this because my sister told me her instyler stopped working...she said it just cut out on her. I noticed that the barrell of my instyler wasnt as powerful as it was at first so i decided to see what other ppl where saying but i would definatley buy a replacement if my instyler was to give out on me now


@Sharak hahaha!! thats funny!

the commercials are so *** convincing! i am in the process of returning mine. It works, but it gets too hot. i burnt the top of my forehead while working the front of hair, and heard a sizzle!

this thing was frying my hair!! LOL!!

later! gee, i think i'm starting too luv my curly hair!


I'm pretty surprised to see all these bad reviews. I love this product.

I was using a CHI flat iron which I loved but then my mom bought me an Instyler. My hair has never been as soft and shiney. I have thick, full, curly coarse hair.

My boyfriend says I have Movie star hair when I use my instyler. Only down fall is that I think it uses more heat than they say and it kills my ends.


Um, EVERY electrical cord contains lead. Do you use christmas lights?

Those have lead in them too. It is used to the cords are flexible so they don't break!


I read a bunch of reviews for many months, and thought it was too good to be I didn't buy it. Finally, I gave in to curiosity and bought it....I love it.

I have lots and lots of fine frizzy hair, and with a flat iron it takes me forever to get a decent look...Okay, so say I was cynical....I really was...and then I started using it across my hair as they show you in the video, and it's awesome. I now regret not doing the 2 for 1 deal, as I know I will be using this product for a ling time. My hair is shiny and not at all frizzy..I am sure this may not be for 100% of people, but neither is a flat iron. People will always find fault with something !!!

So, before you read the negative reports like I did, ignore them and make up your own mind...I am vey impressed. :grin :grin :grin :grin


You seriously returned a product because they cord contains traces of LEAD? Really?

California REQUIRES that information to be on the lable. The truth of the matter is if you sucked on the cord non-stop for decades you MIGHT see a slightly elevated level, and even that's been debatable. Good Grief.

Do your homework and get the facts before you get all freaked out about a LABLE. Wondering if you return all your other hand held appliances because they contain a warning about the chance of electrocution if you drop them into water?


does it really say that on the tag because i wanted to get it

But does it work well at least???

Dallas, Scotland, United Kingdom #217335

Aww darn, it looked good too. I was about to buy one for me and my mom, and I dont even have hair(im a guy) thats how much the commercials sold me on the product!

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