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it is pathetic. They have a system where you see the $14.99 and nothing else but then when you return a month later you see the small print.

I feel so bad that many people fell victim to this. I hope you aren't one!

I called customer service and they were no help and would no negotiate. it was terrible service and no one was helpful at all.

I hope no one else buys the INSTYLER. it is NOT worth the $190 they end up charging you. They also charge you $20 shipping after the first month. it is such a scam!

Review about: Instyler Shipping Service.

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yup, u end up paying alot more than they say better get it in WALMART they have it for 100.00 and they wont charge shipping nor nothing else. :(


i know what you mean- they ripped me off-

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