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I ordered the buy one get one free Instyler and was told it would be 4 to 6 weeks to get them. I called the very next day to cancel and was told that it was already shipped and it couldn't be cancelled.

They had already taken the $14.95 from my card also.

The supervisor named Chris in California said just refuse the package and return to sender to the post office.

He said once they get it back they will give me the $14.95 back. After reading all these complaints against the company, I know I am going to get ripped off.

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i ordered the buy 1 get 1 free. but skipped the trial fee of 14.99.

in all my total was 149.00. because i got the additional 3 year warranty. they said it would take 4wks to get it. but i called them 4 or 5 days after and they told me that they had to wait to ship my order b/c they were out of the pink 3/4in.

barrel. so who knows when i'll get it.

did i make a mistake? :?


I just bought one for 14.99 plus the shipping which costed me $20. That like $35 dollars just to get it to my house plus I only to get to try it for 30 days or they'll charge me for the whole things.

They really need to specify that!!!! I'm only 17 and I used my debit card because I thought "cool product and kind of cheap" but after I ordered I read the fine print.

My parents are going to kill me! :(


Jaqueline,the two Instylers are advertised as $14.99 + $19.99 (S&P), for a trial period of 30 days, buy one get one free. Then you make 3 monthly payments of $39.99 for a total of $119.97.

The grand total for both Instylers is $154.95. As you can see from the other people who have posted on this site, the company has also been guilty of taking more than that on credit cards. I would suggest finding one on Ebay. I have seen them sold on there.

Hope this helps in your decision making. This is not a reputable company.


is the in styler reaaly a joke cause i want to buy 1 and im only 11 years old


:cry :cry This thing is the biggest joke on earth. I cannot believe the bbb is still allowing this company to have a infomercial.

How do they get away with this ***??? :( :( :(


Paris, unfortunately I didn't use a credit card, I used a debit card and a debit card purchase is handled just like paying cash for something. The only way to stop it is to close out your checking account.


Anytime you use a credit card and not statified with any product, you can contact your credit card company and they will credit the account. Any credit card has that type of assurance. There's no point in purchasing and keeping an item you're not satified with.


i paid 14.99 for a trial. and they charged my account 190.oo dollars and i still havnt received it yet.

and i tried to track my shipment and it doesnt show up on their website. this is a total scam and they are getting reported to the better business bureau asap


I wish I had known about this website before I ordered. It's false advertising.

No where in the infomercial does it say you're going to be charged $14.99 REGARDLESS if you keep the product or not. If someone has info on the company president / address, please inform.


i wish that i would have seen this before i seen the in styler comercial.if i am mistaking tell me , but i could have sworn that the instyler was nothing but 14.99. when i went online and just ordred it less than 15 minutes from now and submitted it it said that my subtotal is $113 PLUS SHIPPING AND am i pissed because i want to cancel my order i called but they said that my order havent reached them yet.and that if i call back tommorrow they will refund my money. well i say screw that, if i have to go through all that then just refund my money and give me one FREE.


I haven't made a payment yet and they keep mailing me a letter telling me to. But after reading all of this because they are ready took the 14.95 I'm not giving them 140.79!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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