You should buy your Instyler on Ebay from a person with good ratings. I got mine for $49.99, and it works great.

Also, make sure the person you buy it from on Ebay has good feedback so you don't get burned. Also, be careful of the people on Ebay selling it, some are just selling the bag and instruction manual or the styling products, so read the auction before you bid. Since I started using this, I have never gotten so many compliments in my life.

Make sure you use a good glosss finish flat iron balm like got2b Guardian angel. Don't buy that expensive stuff that Instyler tries to pawn off.

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I bought mine a few years ago on eBay but from only one seller who was authorized to sell those from the company that are blemishes or the packaging was damaged in any way...could not be sold as new. Mine was 49.99 and I couldn't find the blemish...such as is the case with items on clearance in stores or online.

It's still working beautifully!! Check that scenario out, I found verification somewhere online of 2 sellers authorized, don't remember now.


Don't buy on ebay - i got ripped off on the instyler too!


dont buy from ebay


i bought mine from ebay it stopped working after 2 months ebay seller would do nothing!! loved it while it worked

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