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I purchased the InStyler in hopes that this would do what my connair can't . I heard about the way it can curl the hair and bend it and make it real glossy and shiny !

I saw this infomercial and got sold so quick because it looked like this was what I have been looking for for so long ! I was so excited I couldn't even sleep at night and kept watching the infomercials, thinking that that was what I would be getting .

About a week later, I got my InStyler . I was so happy it was here and couldn't wait to use it . I opened it up and it came with spray ,a heat pouch, and a comb .

I broke the box open and plugged it up. It had 3 settings = Low, Medium, And High . I put it on high setting 'cause I have reaaaaally thick hair . Then I started it to run it slowly through my hair like I saw in the DVD that it came with * I watched the DVD while AND before straightening to make sure I was doing EXACTLY what I needed to do make sure I did not burn myself because it doesn't have anything to protect your skin from the heated barrel .

And should I remind you, that motherf*cker is HOT !! WARNING !* Then, the worst started happening. I got to my side bang, and when I carefully made my way through it, the instrument rubbed against my forehead, and that burned so bad !! It took the skin on there CLEAN OFF !!

You could see white meat. And blood, and I'm not trying to sound over-dramatic, but blood just came, streaming down my forehead !! I instantly wanted my money back . So after cleaning my wound, bandaging my forehead, and calling the company, they told me there was nothing they could do about it and that they were sorry for my injury .

I called a day later, livid and spoke to some woman, who tried to sympathize with me . She just told be to try again and I did . *stupidly* and tried it again just to give it another chance . It had burned my neck but not that bad.

Then my hand. But that blistered a little, but I can live, however, that's nothing compared to what happened to my forehead. Now, after about 3 weeks, it's just a big nasty brown and black scab. It looks so gross and moist !!

And very pus-y . My neck looks like a hicky and my hand looks like I got a blistered sunburn. Oh man, I can only imagine what would have happened if my 3 year old neice had've curiously picked that thing up. It's so hot .

And I started to figure out that this dangerous instrument does everything that my connair does, except for that it's not a burn or a fire hazard, not to say it works better !!. They need to call back that product and send it back to a manufacturer to work on the heat settings because it's unnaccpetable how hot that thing is . Don't pay hundreds of wasted money on this thing when a walmart flat iron can be so much less dangerous, hazardous , and workss way better . And I still haven't gotten my refund.

I'm considering legal action against this and coming at them with fraud . Please , for your safety, don't buy this iron .

Monetary Loss: $140.

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:( My daughter forehead was burned skin took completly off! And shes only five i was curling her bangs i felt so bad!


Wow. So dangerous


Dude that *** sucks. Sorry. I'm not buying that now.

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