I wanted an In styler for a long time.Im african american and the commercial looked liked it could do wonders for your hair.I would like to here from people of ethnic background to see how well it worked for them becouse to tell you the truth after hearing all of this Im scared to buy one.I also dont see how the company can go on with all these complaints of breaking and burning makes me wonder if its over exaggerated.Some of you people should go on dateline or something and expose them if its all true.


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I love my instyler.I haven't had a perm in two years.

I wash amd deep condition and after rinsing towel dry I add some kinda protectant and it takes about a half hour and my hair is just as straight as it was when I got perms.I moisturize and wrap up at night


I bought a flat iron and an instyler I got both should I not be satisfied with the instyler.I tried instyler first.

I regret buying the flat iron because I absolutely love my instyler I am Milato mixed African American n white. My hair due to perming for years is thin but instyler did fantastic job. I was so satisfied with it I volunteered to do my daughters hair---African American and she has extremely thick hair.

Both she and I were so surprised over the fantastic job the instyler has done.I refuse to do my hair with anything else

Dade City, Florida, United States #830830

The InStyler is great on all kinds of hair.I was using the Chi (Cuban hair, very course and curly) and the Chi KILLED my hair so I purchased the InStyler 3 years ago and haven't looked back.

Not only is it better for your hair, but my hair is done in less than 15 mins.

Used to take me 45 mins with the Chi.Go for it, I'm sure you'll love it!


don't buy a Perfecter--the tips fall out and after 60 days the company doesn't care. This is an expensive item and should last for years, it does not last . It ; really does not style the way the advertisements show it does.

Not recommended by me.


I've had the instyler for 2yrs and I love it. I use it on my hair and my 9 and 12yr old girls. We are African Americans and I find the best result is after washing the hair and drying it then instyling it with no chemicals or grease is the best.

Los Angeles, California, United States #723505

So I just recently purchased the perfector hair fusion and I HATE IT!!!!It doesn’t work like in the commercial.

I have to run it threw my hair about six times for it to get straight and it still looks puffy, I thought maybe it’s my hair, so I tried it on my cousins, sister and mom it still doesn’t work. I also have the insyler and it works a million times better than the perfector.

I'm going to call and ask for my money back.To me this tool doesn’t work and it’s not worth the 100.00 dollars it advertise for

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #714708

You guys seem to be talking about 2 different products here - the InStyler and the Perfecter Fusion Styler. They are not the same product!

to Jo Durham, North Carolina, United States #942667

Exactly. How did they think she was asking about the perfector? She clearly said Instyler.


I purchased the Perfecter, looked like it was an awesome hair tool.When it says not to use on ‘wet’ hair, ALSO don’t use it on damp hair or if your hair/scalp is not COMPLETELY dry.

Altho I came out of the shower and my hair was dry, apparently, maybe my scalp was damp from showering or getting ‘hot flashes’ in the midst of hair styling. But I blowed dry around the nick of my hair to make sure all was dry and when I began using the Perfecter at the back of my neck, the hair got all tangled up, couldn’t get it out and both myself and my husband tried to gently get the hair out, had to eventually cut the hair off. Luckily, it was at the base of my neck. So, moving forward, I still use my regular curling iron and ‘somewhat’ use the Perfecter for the top/sides of my head.

But I also found that since I have extremely thin/fine hair, my hair still seems to get tangled in the Perfecter. I have not found it to be as ‘perfect’ as the commercial looks. I beiieve there is a warranty and I will probably send it back.

For me, the negatives ‘out weigh’ the positives.Hope others have better luck than I did since It really is an amazing commercial

to Ann #820007

Because I have never used perfecter for my self I can't exactly defend it but this video might be helpful for you, https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=gYS3te296iU

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