I use hair irons frequently, I own curling irons and a Chi, so I'm an avid user of these styling tools. With the InStyler, I constantly burn myself.

It's bulky, not sleek and slim like a Chi. You can't get close to the scalp without serious burns on your forehead. This morning, I burned my collar bone while trying to iron my hair - this product is terrible. I have never had these issues with any other ironing tool, only the InStyler.

I will never use it again - and I will not let any of my friends or family purchase this item. It's dangerous.

I am certain I will be scared from my incident this morning. I'm a pissed consumer.

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I burned my forehead with it on medium heat, do you think it will leave a scar?

i severely burned my hand with the instyler i admit it but it is a good product if you dont count how easy it is to burn yourself my hand burned 24 hours after the burn even with aloe, pain killers (i took advil and tylenol) and ice on it. It dosent hurt anymore but it looks like theres gonna be a pretty bad scar there... :( :cry
:) I just purchased an instyler, and absolutely LOVE the way my hair looks and feels afterwards .. I do agree though, that you can very easily get burnt. I burnt my hand severely twice, so yes, use with caution!

Why are you curling your chest hair?


I purchased this from Target for $100. I use a lot of hot tools too, so I was excited to try this out.

Problems with this product go on and on. First, it doesn't stay hot all the time. It has to "reheat" every 4 minutes, maybe less. It took a few minutes for it to reach the optimum level again.

I have to use both hands when I style my hair. With the Instyler, you can't touch it anywhere otherwise you will burn yourself. Even on the end it's hot. I could not style my hair at all.

I tried for about 30 minutes, but I grew tired. I returned it to Target and got a full refund.

Thank goodness. What a waste.

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