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The instyler is so ***! I've had mine for about 2 Years and its done nothing but RUIN it. Before I recieved the instyler my hair was healthy and beautiful! Now its dry, nasty, and my ends are split so bad that I'm going to have to shave my head to be completely rid of them.

If I could, I would use the money I paid for the instyler and buy a flat iron instead. That comercial says that the flat iron ruins your hair more than the instyler? Its wrong. The instyler is so hot, even on the lowest setting that my heat protector doesn't even work now!


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Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #1296526

The Instyler is SO bad for your hair.I had beautiful long hair and never had issues with split ends when I used flat irons.

This instyler has damaged my hair all the way up to my scalp, leaving broken split, dry brittle ends at many different lengths.(no I don't have layered hair, at least I didn't) Sad, Sad, Sad!


I completely agree.Before I started using the instyler my natural hair was actually wearable.

Now that I've been using it for about 3 years my hair is so frizzy and damaged. I use heat protectant with it and do what I can to protect my hair but it still left it completely ruined. Now when I try to straighten my hair using this it leaves it very very frizzy and it looks like I just rolled out of bed and didn't even brush my hair.

It's horrible.This product is supposed to be so amazing and all it has done is leave me with a mess for hair.


Bought the Instyler with high hopes.Used for a few weeks, always with heat protectant.

Now hair is bushy with split ends.

I just can't believe it.SO disappointed.


i used this once and my hair is ruined i miss my natural hair i've been growing for months. :cry :(


I just purchased an INSTYLER - dried may hair as usual and then ran a small section of hair through it - it completely ruined that section of hair. I immediately applied conditioner, let it sit, rinsed and re-dried that section and it doesn't look as bad but it is definitely permanently damaged. Needless to say I abandoned the effort immediately and will be returning the INSTYLER.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #683529

I have the instyler, and its a good product I have very thick hair I don't perm my hair. I don't use heat every day I usely were my hair braided up with no add on hair all natural, that the only way my hair grows.

use lots of heat protector with any styling tool, and were hair styles that don't require heat every day. think of your hair as a plant it needs lots of tlc 8) .

to Annie 88 #904756

Thx my hair is very curly and thick and I was thinking of buying the instyler

San Diego, California, United States #673962

I used to have very shiny and silky hair.I purchased an instyler last December.

I used it for a few months. At first my hair looked shiny and beautiful. Now after using instyler for a couple of months my hair is dry, extremely coarse & and very frizzy.

Instyler burned my hair.I do not recommend this product or their customer service.



This is really true.I've used this product with and without heat protector spray and it severely damages my hair.

I have smooth thick, wavy hair and after using this my hair became dry, extremely coarse (like horse hair) & and frizzy. Simply burnt I'm guessing.

I really wanted this product to work but it's just not worth the damage for me.I would rather natural un-styled hair than terrible damaged in-styled hair

Columbia, Missouri, United States #652037

Ladies, this ruined my hair too, but my hair stylist suggest orgaic coconut oil.I got it at walmart in the vitamin aisle for 10 bucks.

Been using a month and my hair is looking shiny, soft and beautiful. I did get about 5 inches cut off and plan to keep going back every 8 weeks for a trim until all damage is gone. But the coconut oil is a miracle! I use is once a week to sleep in the wash my hair twice, then shampoo and through the week a tiny dab on my ends make my hair look like the damage was never there.

It also make my hair strands look and feel thicker due to the oil actually getting into the hair shaft. Please google coconut oil for hair and skin. I also just started using it on my skin. OMG my skin glows and I am 35 and suffer from acne every month around that time and I use a little on my face and it has cleared my issues.

The first week it didn't because it brought out all the impurites, but I had to share because I know how frusterating it is trying to repair the damage.Shame on Instyeler!!!

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