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I got an instyler for Christmas and was eager to use it . My Cuzin was visiting and asked if she could use it

After she used it and left my house like 15 minutes later I Dat in the kitchen table and put my forarn down and was burned all the way down to my elbow .

Mind you it was off for more then fifteen minutes . I'm in pain and I can't sleep beacuse I have to constantly pay attention to the burn from rubbing against anything .I will never use it now after that !!!' They need to really add a safety cover or something so that some child or anybody for that matter gets hurt .

Monetary Loss: $120.

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It comes with a thermal pouch for storage, stop blaming companies for USER ERROR. I have used INSTYLER for almost 6 years and I have never burned myself like that.

You put your arm down without paying attention to your surroundings, how is that the company's fault? As bad as the chick who sued McDonald's cause she was too slow to figure out that coffee is HOT.


A right there on the cable there is a warning that says: ' ' Keep out of the reach of children ' ' warning that is too hot , it is not the fault of the InStyler , blame your stupidity that caused this. Nobody sends you leave it on for 15 minutes and besides that , put his arm up .


careless and ***. Blame your self!!!

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States #751313

I bought the instyler for my girl in 2008,since the she had 3 or 4 burn but i thought it was normal,but yesterday 12-1-13 she have a big burn in her right leg after the instyler felt ,im looking for some inf.from a attorney or someone who can help me go after this unsafe cosmetology equitment..feel free to contact me at.joseg359@aol.com thank you...

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #724407

I don't know about you but mine came with a protective cover for the barrel. Second why did your cousin leave it on the kitchen table?

You sueing the company is the equivalent of the woman sueing McDonald's because she was burned by coffee.

No product is going to get cool in 5 minutes. It reaches the same tempatures as OVENS!

to commonsenseisgood Jersey City, New Jersey, United States #751315

I think you are in favor of inrresponsable company like this one,and let me tell you something the lady that have suit the mcdonald,she did won the lawsuit ok and nobody is perfect like you...

Troy, Michigan, United States #710171

Learn how to spell.

Callahan, Florida, United States #673867
First of all its your fault u dropped it and you left it on the tip of the table so of corse your going to get burned its an iron not cupcakes if your going to sue them your going to lose. :( :(
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand #642343

It does come with a barrel protector, and you can't touch the barrel unless you put your fingers in the holes.... so you obviously weren't using it

to Optimus #752399

Mine did not come with a barrel protector. I received it as a gift when they were first on the market.

I have seriously burned my shoulder and forehead several times.

I currently work in quality for a hair product manufacturer and know that a person could possibly sue for even the slight burning that I have endured. However, the case would have to be viable and prove defect of the appliance and/or company...this case suggests negligence on iwners behalf...but could still be a viabke case due to unsafe temperature.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #620549
:upset :roll It is a shame you have a horrible burn, that is going to scar, and I am sure it hurts :cry tremendously. You CANNOT blame the Instyler for your misfortune. It is not their fault you were careless enough to put your arm on a hot iron!
Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States #608843

COCO.. :x
Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #588286

Really?!.......I mean......really. SERIOUSLY???

If you shut your stove off, and, 15 minutes later, lay your hand on the element and burn it, do you then get to sue Whirlpool (or GE or whoever manufactured it)?

I suppose I should be able to sue GM, since, a couple of days ago my 2 year old grabbed a hot exhaust pipe and burned his hand.


to Baffled Long Beach, California, United States #590057
Right i agree baffled ,)
to Baffled Jamaica, New York, United States #590157

The point is Einstein that it should cool off faster because it was turned off then right off again right away . I bet if I had a picture up of your mother you would understand !! Dummy

to O ok rocket scientist Hawi, Hawaii, United States #673883
Your so ***
to Baffled #590160

You would see that the problem is that it takes way too long to turn cold !!

Not that I got a serious burn what if it was a baby . It was a lesson learned !!

to If you look at all the people San Diego, California, United States #600028
Such a *** response. Your baby, first shouldn't be able to reach there, second is a hot tool that gets 410 degree hot, it does takes time to cool down, you should know that it's to be in a safety place so nobody get's hurt..

Accept that you are distracted and probably get hit, burn, or who knows what just by walking around. Suing over this is just ***.

And yes you are right, you shouldn't use it, it will burn you if you don't take care when using it. :upset :?
to Baffled Callahan, Florida, United States #673877
I know right she didnt think that day bad christmas :roll :? :?

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