I bought the Instyler about 2 months ago,I got it for Christmas as a matter of fact.My grandmother sent me money for a gift,I bought that.That is what i have wanted since i saw the ad on tv. I got my hair cut short just to use the dam thing.I cut 15 inches off!

Well last Saturday i was right in the middle of using it when it popped,and mind u it was in my hand and hair...It popped and hasn't worked since:( I wrote the co because i threw my receipt away but kept the iron.I told them id be more than happy to send it to them if they would help me out and replace the one that broke.I don't know how i can get in touch with these ppl..I want what i paid for.If i don't get it i will call every TV news station and let the whole world know what their product did and it needs to be pulled from shelves!

I don't want to do that i just really want a replacement iron because it worked really well for me until this. Please if anyone knows how i can get in contact with someone to talk to them lmk.

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Morgantown, West Virginia, United States #1348658

I have two installers, can't find replacement brushes, always out of stock,won't buy third one. The plastic on top of brushes get to hot and crack.

My theory, replacement parts out of stock to get you to buy another one They work great but brushes don't last to long.

Already have $200.00 in them . If anyone can help,please let us know


I had made,my mind earlier abt purchasing an instyler, but after readin this need to thimk twice. Toooooooo confused.


I just wrote 2 comments back and neither went through because i forgot to log in! Ill make this one shorter lol...

the guy i called the other day said they wont help me w/o my receipt. I dont have it anymore.I threw it away when i threw away half the receipts from xmas!I am going to contact the news again and see when they can come out to get my story and see the bur it left and all that....I am going to give them the chance to replace it though! I just want what i paid for..nothing else just that! I got to use it maybe 10 times n 2 mnths?

Thats not right.They are responsible for their products and making sure they work properly and not blow while in someones hand!

I will give it another try with the number tomorrow though! Thanks a bunch!!!

to jammie #777406

I bought a Instyler and the same thing happened to me. I plugged it in and it popped and now won't work at all. Can you help me too please.


this the # i found 1-800-221-8961 to order your InStyler®. this is what i found on there web.Do not attempt to repair your InStyler®, since there are no user-servicable parts inside.

In addition, the InStyler® contains many computer chips and intricate parts inside. The InStyler® comes with a one-year limited warranty.

If your InStyler® is not working within the limited warranty period, we will repair or replace it. i hope this helps u out

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