I have been burned by the Instyler multiple times on the neck! But this time it dropped from hands and fell onto my lap!!OUCH!!!

3rd degree burns! Picture attached....Be careful!!!

I loved the results of the product....but it is not worth it!!

I have written tot he company and gotten a response that was very patronizing, which I did not appreciate.

They will do nothing except claim it is a Hot tool and all hot tolls should be used with caution! I am 44 ...as if I did not know that I needed to be careful with heated appliances.PLEASE!

Monetary Loss: $250.

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You are so *** to post this complaint :(
Saint Cloud, Minnesota, United States #662113

Yeah you are dumb, of course you have to use caution, it is hot! Dumbest complaint I have ever heard, if I was the person at the company that got your complaint I would've laughed my *** off.

What did you want them to do?

Come do your hair for you? You are an ***, I now see why you can't use a curling iron

to Anonymous #1207265

Wow that would you two ladies called her a dumb. We are all women that use hot Irons or any type of a hot unit such as curlers etc.

should not leave third-degree burns if it hits your skin.

The lady that was working for the Company should have her job assessed, she should have told The Client to send the merchandise back to make sure there were no issues with the item. And with the wording of the two previous comments calling the lady dumb, U2 ladies must be young are either and mature at your age.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #636808

It isn't the company's fault that you dropped the iron. What did you do, doze off, being you were sitting down, and drop the iron while dozing?

In order to leave that kind of burn it would have had to lay there quite awhile.

Did you have the burn diagnosed as third degree burns? A lot of burns leave a blister, and eventually that blister breaks, especially if you rub it, either on purpose or accidentally.

to anonymous #728137

I also have burned myself several times with the Instyler. You can only touch the handle.

Other products that do the same have a place where you can hold to secure it somewhere else beside the handle.

Oh no, you cannot use your other hand for support. They shouldve made it a little different as it is a bit heavy for one hand.

Johnson City, New York, United States #636707
this reminds me of the incident at mcdonald where the women spilled hot coffee on her lap.its a hot iron of course it will burn you.just like her you are a ***!!! :grin

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