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ordered the instyler 9/2009 buy one get one 'free' I din't like so I called 10/23/09 @ 1:16 pm to arrange to return both - the agent advised that if I return them I will be charged $14+ for S&H - she offered that if I keep them both and give them as gifts i would be charged $46 x 2 = 93.28. I have been charged 13 payments of $14.99 = $194.87 so far and have not seen a credit on my credit card - impossible to reach them during business hours - I work then. Help

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The problem is s/he paid for it already, Bobbi.


My advice is pay for it. You ordered it, you didn't return it during the limited time offer, you bought it. Most return policies are 30 days - unless you know of any lifetime returns program, I'd say you should have seen that coming.


Dear Sharon Avaerhart, what has ever come of your situation? I am finding my self in the same - I refuse to pay 194 dollars for this and they won't let me return it.

Said its past the 30 day period...which they never told me to begin with existed...i have never even opened the box. after reading all the bad stuff on the internet - im afraid of returning it because i may not get my 35$ I already paid.... they are threatening to send me to collection.

Advise? can you please email me

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