every 1 is complaining about the instlyer curlin iron,let me tell u i have been using my daughters,that she received as a gift,i love it so much i just ordered me 1,people stop hating on the INSTYLER..... i searched around till i found the cheapest 1,and 50.00 buck's is a great deal if u r the kind of person that does your hair everyday.every 1 that i have talked to,has no complaints,and we all have diffrent types of hair. 1) try it for your'self 2)every 1 has only complained of the price

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Sherborn, Massachusetts, United States #229547

I can't help but agree with Mary that perhaps you work for Instyler. Doesn't make much sense that someone who appears to be quite happy with the product would visit a website titled instylerpissedconsumer.com now does it?

I my self have also had problems with customer service and I don't even have the product in hand.

I attempted to cancel my order minutes after I placed it calling the number listed on their website.

I was then directed to another number, which was invalid. I sent an email, again minutes after placing my order and my response was two days later indicating the order had been shipped.


How long have you worked with Instyler?


I don't believe anyone is HATING on InStyler, I believe they are here, just like yourself, with comments about their experiences. Not all are negative, but some people DO depend on reviews, before they purchase products.

Really, if any of these negative things would have happened to you, you would have been in the same place singing a different song....so suck it up. You can NEVER please EVERYONE anyway, so just voice your opinion and have a great day.


My instyler is great, no problems so far. But my daughter had to replace hers...

it literally fell apart during use.

Customer service didnt hassle her but the service is slow, its been 3 weeks and the replacement just shipped. I love mine but for the cost I wont replace it if/when it breaks.

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