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The Instyler doesn't work for short hair.

The flip in and flip out do work ok, but I can do that with my regular and cheap hair dryer. I like how it straightens my hair , but my flat iron do the same look without the funny smell.

My hair is a little bit over the shoulder and when I tried for the curling IT DOES NOT WORK because the lenght is not long enough for 2 turns. Curling the back of my hair IMPOSIBLE, is very easy to get burn. The curling irons has a plastic tip at the top so at least you can use your both hands to help you out, but with the instyler you most likely will get hurt.

Overall it is a OK product but do not buy it if you have a short hair.

Monetary Loss: $99.

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #426169

not good for short hair, wish i had read reviews before purchasing... :sigh


I just bought an instyler and not only was curling my hair not as fast and easy as the job appeared to be on the infomercial, but I don't think it's a good fit for my hair type. I have very thin short hair :cry




You can clearly see the chamber barrell is to thick for short hair... I woul have never attempted to even try and instyle my hair that can barely go around the barrell, thats just common sense.


Yea. I have about the same length hair as u and your right, it does not curl! i always burn myslef, especially on mii ear when i try to curl it.


I have been seriously burnt 3x with this product - my forehead is healing once again - the product design is inherently quite dangerous with the exposed cylinder; I too believe that it does not work for short hair.




thanks! I was thinking of it giving me a change from naturally curly hair with frizz.

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