I ordered the Instyler flat iron shown on tv. I paid $14.99 - received it but never opened it.

I decided I didn't need it and sent it back 5 days later. I did just as instructed with regards to sending back correctly. Then 2 or 3 weeks later - they charged my account $54.99!! I have called for 5 days in a row, being put on hold for 20-30 minutes at a time and can still not get a resolution.

I have nothing to show for over $80 that I spent!!!

Do not buy this product please!

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Nashua, New Hampshire, United States #594431

I got the Babyliss Volare Hair Dryer with the Ferarri engine...received a broken dirty and the hairdryer itself was a joke! Body red cord black, scratches, dust, and the button were reversed.

Pieces were falling out.

There is a reason why it is cheaper! Beware!

Richmond, Virginia, United States #587241

*Save yourself money, time and headache* I bought the pink Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron in October 2012, through the In Style Flat Iron website. The only reason I did was because I could get the flat iron for about $80, in comparison to the $100+ I would have spent buying it somewhere else.

I used it once about a couple of weeks after receiving it. I didn't use it again until a few weeks later and when I started to use the iron, I plugged it in and to my surprise none of the lights came on. Big deal, I don't blame Sedu, because it was my first purchase with them and the iron worked beautifully the one time. I chalked it up to just crappy luck and went through the process of submitting a ticket with In Style for a replacement.

Needless to say that was when the *** began of consistently having to e-mail them, (their initial replies went to my junk mailbox) and receiving their automated e-mails stating that they've received my ticket, they will respond within x amount of days, blah, blah, blah. I returned the iron within 30 days of receiving it, and have yet to see a replacement iron or my money back. I'm usually not one to be impatient, but this company has made minimal effort in returning the product. Word to the wise: they don't seem to be located in the U.S.

(they don't send a response until about midnight) and the iron itself is a dream if you are able to enjoy a fully functioning one minus the sub-par customer service at InStyle. I recommend the flat iron, but I don't recommend InStyle Flat Iron.

to Done Richmond, Virginia, United States #587248

Address I was given to return the item:

10810 Boyette Rd. #232 (Post Office Box)

Riverview, FL 33569

Phone number listed on my statement for the business: 813-641-4428


I hate my instyler! I used it for a day!

I had more problems trying to curl my hair than ever before! I read the instructions, I even watched the DVD enclosed 3 times! I had one set on one side of my head in curls, the other wasn't! I spent 97.99 at Walmart.

They better take it back! It made my freaking hair fall out into the brush too! And I'm no loser either! So, just hush your mouth up girl!

I don't recommend anyone buy them!

Their a complete rip off! I got mine to curl better with a cheap curl iron


Have used it 3-4 time so far, I am a hairdresser and It's not as easy as I thought it would be. What I dont like so far is the cord is too short, and the bristles are bent.

Feels and looks cheap too.

I do love the way it gives body and a slight wave, but find it makes the hair slightly frizzy. I will play with it more though before I decide on keeping it or not.


I bought mine at Ulta after seeing it on TV and having my hairstylist recommend it enthusiastically. I absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone who asked.

I have had absolutely NO problems with it and it works just exactly as advertised.

My hairstylist says about 2/3 of her clients use it and she has two that she uses professionally. 100% recommended


Love my instyler.... so easy and quick....


Ure a cheapskate, yeah yeah. document everything and then ur goal is to get a freebies !!

good job !!..Instylers does really works and seen and use them myself!! The reason why you cry babies complaining too much is that y'all lazy, u want immediate results, all of those who comments here negatively are those the ones that are pathetic and losers , 14.95 to try it and you have only 30 days to try and if u dont call within 30 days..it will assume that u like the products then that will be the start of paying it for 3 monthly installlments...INSTYLERS DOES REALLY WORK IF YOU REALLY WANTED IT TO WORK..IF IT WORKS TO SOME PEOPLE IT WILL ALSO WORK FOR YOU THAT'S !!!!!!!!!!!


Hi there, My grand daughter ask me to order her the 2 for one that she saw on the web,,BUYERS BEWARE,,,,this is such a scam, they say its $14.99 for 2 instylers, plus shipping and handling,this is like around $45.00 to just try then for 30 days,, plus extra shipping for the secound one,,Well, the $14.99 plus shipping is to much to pay as they are made soooo cheap, PLEASE notice what they for get to tell you is,,if you keep the irons, you will be billed for $159.99,,,PLEASE!!!! WAY OVER RATED!!!!

My sis bought one a few months ago, now it doesn't even work,,,the only reason they are so expensive is because of the false advertizing they show on the TV infamercials!!! Save your money or just buy another brand,,,I feel as soon as the people realize what the are really getting for around $100.00 will in fact be sold in a year or so for around $19.99


Im a hairdresser..I tried it, I really liked it.It makes you hair smoother than a flat iron, and gives it more body that a flat iron. Im buying two.


:p 8) ;) :grin :) :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :x :( :cry :?


I was straightening my hair with it TODAY - literally 5minutes ago and the metal cap under the orange disc came off. It was already wobbly and the orange thing came off months ago.

Now it's wobbly when I use it and I'm scared the actual iron is going to come off.

How the *** does ANYTHING fall apart in less than 5 minutes? Now I have a strip of curly hair in the middle of my head...


I use it on my 14yr old who has very curly hair. It does the job.

She just loves the way it looks! It makes her happy and its so qwick and easy!

I dont mind doing it for her eiher. The curling iron is such a pain!!


I think it is more a problem of terrible communication in the company and poorly trained employees..the billing dept probably was never notified of the return..I honestly hope it is just a matter of poor training and bad communication skills,possibly just plain laziness...I would try to investigate a little harder and try to go above those ditzy operators and be assertive and demanding for a supervisor .write down every persons name and keep a min order of the time you called, till the time you hang up..document all names and how long ur left on hold..you might get more than just your money compensated.maybe a free instyler for ur trouble..file with the BBB!


Mine was received after 3 weeks n doesn't even work :?


I lovew mine and I have very thick hair i have had mine for over a year and it still works perfectly, when i used a normall flat iron it would take me 90 mins to do my hair now it takes around 30


i want to buy it soo bad but some reveiws are goo and some are bad :sigh




:) ive heard its good and how can it be fake


:grin i loved it so much

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