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I purchased the Instyler in Sept of '08. At the time they were offering 2 instylers for 14.95.

You have a 30 day trial period in which they claim you will not be charged and after the 30 days you will be charged 3 payments of 39.99. Well, I called 3-4 days past my 30 day mark to return my instyler. I had been in the hospital for two weeks with severe preeclampsia and had to deliver my son at 28 weeks, the instyler was the furthest thing from my mind. When I called I explained my situation to the female rep, I also explained to her that I found the product to be extremely dangerous as I had burnt my forehead several times while using the product.

Plus it just doesn't work, it's not worth 50 cents in my opinion. So the very friendly rep sympathized with me however recommended that since I had been ill I should keep the product for 30 more days and read the material that comes with the product in attempt to get better results. After 5 min of listening to this pushy rep I finally agreed to her proposal. I tried the product again and once again I burnt my forehead.

The instyler DOES NOT WORK. I've purchased $20 straighteners that work better. So anyway after 30 more days had past I called once again to return my product. I explained the conversation I had had with the female rep 30 days earlier but I do not wish to keep the product.

He proceeded to give me a tracking # to write on the outside of the box and send it back. No mention of a specific time frame in which the product needed to be received. I believe this was on Nov. 15th.

So unfortunately I again became very critically ill and required hospitalization, meanwhile my 2 lb. son was in the NICU unit and not doing well. Again the crappy product I had stupidly purchased was far from my mind. So on December 24th at 12pm I went to UPS and did exactly as the rep had told me to do a month prior with the number on the box.

So a week and a half go by and no money has gone back into my account. Thursday Jan 7th at 5pm I called them up. The rep told me that they had received my instyler but that they had then sent it right back out to me since they had not received it within the 5 days after speaking to the mail rep who gave me the tracking number. I explained that I was never informed of this policy.

The rep stated that there was nothing he could do. I then asked to speak with a manager, so Chris the "manager" gets on the phone and I explained the entire story from A-Z to him. He replied that because I was "90" days delinquent on the return there was nothing he could do. I reminded him again that on Oct 15th the female rep basically forced me to continue my free trial offer for an extra month until Nov.

I then explained that the male rep I spoke with at that time who gave me the # did not explain the 5 day return window. Chris the "manager" stated that there's no way the female rep would have authorized me to keep the product for an extra 30 day trial because they don't do that. I was beyond livid, words cannot express the level of my anger. He was not only telling me I wasn't getting my money back but now he was calling me a liar.

I admit that I raised my voice but come on who wouldn't. I then asked to speak to his manager and he told me that there was no other manager to speak to. I then asked if there was a corporate number I could call. He said there was no number for corporate headquarters, now steam was coming out of my ears.

He gave me a fax number and said the only option was to fax an appeal to corporate asking for my money back. I hung up with him and googled Instyler Headquarters.They address listed was 11812 W. San Vincente Blvd, Los Angeles CA. I called the number listed and the machine I got said nothing about Tre Milano CO., I left a message anyway asking for them to call me.

I then called back the instyler customer line and spoke to a different rep. I asked him if he could give me corporates address and # and he stated he doesn't no that information. I then asked if he could make a note under my file about what had happened and what was said on this particular day. He then told me that EACH AND EVERY call is recorded that comes in.

I asked if there was anyway that the several phone calls I had made throughout the past several months could be located. The two phone conversations from Oct and Nov would be heard and the truth about what I was told and not told would be exposed. He stated he does not have the authority to do this and I would have to fax corporate. He then admitted to me that the fax number they give out to customers actually goes to the customer service center and then they "supposedly" fax ALL complaints to corporate for review (yeah right).

Then browsing for info on google I came across tons of websites with tons of customers complaining about the instyler. Complaints were poor quality product, extremely dangerous, cheap, false advertising and many accusations of fraud against Tre Milano.

I also saw ranged from poor quality to dangerous to fraud and that corporate was untraceable. SKETCHY!

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If you had followed the instructions and upheld your end of the purchase agreement, it sounds like you wouldn't have had any problems. Be responsible for your actions and stop complaining.

Dayton, Ohio, United States #664948

I purchased the instyler few years ago and it works fine.Never had a complaint about it.I got two and sent one to Jamaica for my niece and it was stolen from her by a pick pocket guy.My niece has been asking me for another one since.Every new hair products that has been on the market I have tried and nothing has been compared to the instyler. I still use the product and love it.I would recommend this product to any one.My daughter loves the product and it has lived up to all the expectation it said

Miami, Florida, United States #582845

2 instylers for three payments of 39.95 is a great deal. I love this product it reall straightens the hair and it lasts all day.

I can't live without it.

to I love in styler Corvallis, Oregon, United States #589558

So glad I read this before I got *** and bought the 2 for 1 deal, if it sounds to good to be true it usually always is! As for the comment that she would buy it again it's prob cause she works for them! Thx peop's


I returned 2 instylers a day after I got them and still have not received a refund that was on April 10th. I also have spoken to countless managers and suprivisors and still do not have my refund.

I am told something different every time I call. I know I returned them within the time frame but still no refund, and cannot talk to the lady who supposely issues the refunds.


:( instyler sucks, advertising for instyler sucks, their web site sucks, everything about this product sucks.


the only negative thing i could say about the Instyler is it does get hot and trying to set it down while using it is a little hard to do and i wish it came in a smaller barrel size for short hair BUT IT DOES WORK AND IT IS GREAT WE ALL CAN NOT BELIEVE HOW WONDERFUL YOUR HAIR LOOKS AFTER USING IT BEAUTIFUL AND SHINY TOO FEELS LIKE SILK.


I Have the Instyler and I Love it. best invention ever. Pleople just need to know how to use it to get results.

to NONE Mchenry, Illinois, United States #594313

I agree! Never would hAve paid 100+ for one even with the infomercials.

I found one again a garage sale. Months after my 22 yr old daughter used it. She has serious arthritis jn her hands and arms. It worked wonderfully on her long hair.

It was a small blessing that I gave it to her. I have to say I missed it! 6 months later my husband did pay 80$ On sale at Ulta for me. I am happy with this item.

It does work as advertised, it is HOT! It comes with a thermal bag for storage and to sit know the counter when in use. Ppeople need to be respknsibe, read the instructions, read the fine print b4 any internet transaction. Watch your children.

Any other logical things I can offer up?

Buy I agree with you 100% GREAT PRODUCT, LOVE THE RESULTS! ?


Don't waste your money, time and frustration. This is a scam and I complained to after I was charged for 2 (almost $200) after I called and spoke to "Buddy"


I have used a straightener for over 15 years and my hair has always been damaged and broken. I now have the Instyler and it is a god send!!!

My hair does not break and it almost looks as good as if I paid for a blowdry at the salon! My husband loves the way my hair looks now. I can't imagine others not seeing the same results as I do. I give it five star quality!!!!

Would love to hug the person that invented it!!!! CHOW!!!

to Shannon Dayton, Ohio, United States #664952

I agree with you 100%.This is a God sent.I also give it a five star.Hats off to the inventor :) :)


My hairdresser uses the Instyler and absolutely swears by it....


My stylist was given one at her salon in Los Angeles. I've used it, and it's great.

People just don't use it correctly. You have to go slowly, and seriously, buring your forehead?

You're doing something wrong.

Also, you ordered the thing and waited until after the deadline to try to return it. Just because you were in the hospital (I'm sorry about the problems, but really, it's NOT RELEVANT to this product) is not an excuse for not meeting your financial commitments.


I'm a hairstylist. I get asked alot about the instyler.

Here is the thing. If you don't see any salon in America using the tool. Its probably full of ***. I glad you posted this people need to get past the smoke a mirrors of this infomercial scam.

Sorry about your loss. Thanks for posting this!

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