I read the instructions, bought a glove to prevent burns so I could use both hands, & used M-F only.I have long, straight, fine hair.

Pros: It did give the "appearance" of volumn & I could create multiple styles in a short period of time. Cons: You cannot get to the roots without burning the scalp. The unpleasant smell is the subtle damage occuring from the high heat. After 2 months I noticed I had developed a LOT of short fly away hairs next to the scalp & I was losing approximately 1 1/2 inches in length each month due to newly-developed split ends.

Bottom line: Product does give the appearance of shine and volumn usually associated with "healthy" hair - in the beginning, but the ultimate result is irrepairable damage and rapid loss of length.

My advice: Save your money.A good styling gel with a blow dryer & brush routine and a quality leave-in conditioner will give you better results without the damage or expense.

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Are you people serious?What you see on TV is totally fake.

Human nature does not allow us to publish good things on the internet.So that leads me to believe that the negative comments you've read about the instyler are true.


A burn version of the old revostyler?My bangs are straight, thanks to the revolving giant revo brush, but the rest of my hair always tangled or looked like straw.

Think I'll pass on the instyler.We curly haired women in search of the straight hair holy grail will have to keep looking...or accept our fate.


I Wana Buy The Instyler But All These Bad Comments Makes Me Think..Does It Really Burn Ur Scalp?Ur Hair Really Comes Out!

Help Me!:eek


so many positive and negative comments about instyler..i dunno if im going to buy it or not.

i always thought though that not all things fits everyone,so this might be the case for instyler?

i need help..i've been longing to buy an instyler, but some nega comments here scares me..but im desperate to have a hair tool as my hair is a little bit curly, defenitely needs style.

your help and recommendation is much appreciated.(",)


awwwww...i am about to purchase an instyler.. just forgot their number when i stumble in this site..

makes me confuse!!!!


I bought mine instyler at www.hairinstyle.net by only $54.9.

It works great for me!


:sigh wow :grin


i hope you have fun straightening your hair with your oven mits on and you can come over and do our hair for us since you love it so much we love fly aways..i need to borrow your gloves


:cry I probably have a fake instyler.It stopped working after about 2 weeks.

I can't even turn it on any more.I want to know if anyone knows where I can get it fixed


I have been reading everyone's comments and am undecided about this product. It looks great on TV but there are a lot of complaints out there. How can so many people be wrong ?

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