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I impulsivly ordered the instyler. I called trying to cancel my order but was told that they could not cancel till the following monday. I called on Monday to cancel the order and was told it had already shipped.

I received the product and tried to refuse delivery but my credit card was charged anyway. I tried to return the product through instyler they would not return the because it was 2 days past the 30 day period. The product has never been used and I have been stuck paying for something I don't want.

I have been trying to get them to honor an agreement they made to settle for 2 payments instead of 3 and they won't. Instead they have sent me to a collection agency that harrasses me. I have continued to try to resolve the issue with instyler but have had no luck unless I just want to pay them more money for a product that is defintely a scam.

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i love the instyler...jk i hate it

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