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I just ordered the Insyler 3 days ago, haven't even received it, and am already being contacted about "special offers" that will be automatically billed to my CC number that I used to purchase the Instyler. The only way to cancel these auto bills is to contact them before 30 days is up to cancel.

WHAT A SCAM...I asked to NOT be contacted by 3rd party "for offers I might be interestd in" yet will be spending the next few weeks cancelling these unwanted services-or disputing credit card charges.

BUYER BEWARE--you can now buy this product at ULTA--and probably without this hassle of unwanted products billed to your credit card.

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My debit card was billed $29.95 two months in a row from some coupon company that the instyler scammers shared info with. My instyler lasted about 3 months and it broke.


Wished I'd been aware of this site before purchasing. :( I've had two InStyler reps call today. I told the first that I'd no sooner submitted my order when a pop up window appeared informing me that I could save $15.00 off the purchase. Took the time to read the fine print and learned that acceptance of the offer automatically signed me up with some "consumer group" who would automatically bill my cc 15.99 per month.

Tonight I received a call from an InStyler rep who told me that I'd been chosen to receive a $40.00 fuel voucher as a token of appreciation for my business. I told her in no uncertain terms that my purchase hadn't granted them license to bombard me with deceptive scams and then calmly declined the offer. She got real pushy. Told her to never call again and slammed the phone in its cradle.

Worst company I've ever dealt with. If I get one more harassing call I plan to contact the State Attorney Generals' Office.

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