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I received the instyler curling iron in April, 2009. I was told to mail a check to 2260 S. Haven #E, Ontario, CA.

This check was not cashed for a month and half, when I inquired as to why, I was told this was their warehouse, to put a stop payment and re-issue. I did that, the day after the stop payment, they tried to cash it.

Bottom line, they cashed my payment on July 31, 2009 and turned me over to collections. I have called numerous times to Instyler and the collection agency and they blame each other, in the meantime, I'm still on the collections roll.

I am writing to the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General.

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We were called (whilst on vacation, no less) by the firm's St. Petersburg FL call center, their line of snake oil being that they were calling to verify our shipping address. (We receive our mail at a post office box, so this sort of call is not unusual.) I asked specifically what product was being shipped and they told me that it was a hair curling/straightening iron. I told them that we had ordered no such item, whereupon they replied with the last four digits of our customary computer order credit card. I told them to cancel the shipment, and that I would be having the charge struck from our card.

I immediately contacted our credit card company, noted the charge by Instyler as bogus, noted several other charges that were of a similar nature, and agreed with the agent that we should cancel that account and transfer our business over to a new account number.

Today, we received the unwanted Instyler product. I am tempted to send it back "Refused", but am afraid that they would continue to dun us for this item, claiming that we never received it. As it is an unsolicited item received by mail, I'm just as tempted to donate it to the Goodwill Industries. But, I think that I'll apply to them to have it picked up.


You can purchase this product at Shoppers Drug Mart for $59.99 - this week - December 21st. The regular price said $99.99

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