I recently ordered instyler and in the process I was asked if I wanted to upgrade not being without so much as any fine print as to how much my bank account was going to be slammed for. Come to find out they are slamming you for 60 dollars for three months for the so called upgrade.

I would not mind if the product was worth it but itn totally fries your hair and does not even fully straighten it.

And as for curling it is the hardest thing to handle with that funky rotator I tried to curl my hair and just ended up burning my hands. If you are going to spend 180.00 on a curling iron buy a chi or a more professional onthats worth the money.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I have to disagree I jus bought one at a regular beauty supply store nd it werks perfectly. It straightens from my roots to the ends with no hassle.

My hair is a mix of thick nd curly at the roots nd thin at the ends but with my instyler my hair has bouncr and shine to it. People can actually tell im half puerto rican wen I use it lol. It doesnt frie my hair at all u just have to set it to the appropriate temp for your hair type.

It really is a great hair tool I even use it for my daughters hair nd she has hair lik diana ross long think nd extremely curly but once its instyled its lik she went to a salon nd got that keratin straightning treatments. The instyler is great!!!!!!!!


Thanks for info. I was thinking of buying one but now have decided against it.

I thought the ad must be too good to be true. I did notice the ad said they have "applied for patent" -- not that a patent had been approved in USA. Also.

I wondered why it came with a countertop protector if the styler isn't supposed to get too hot. If a countertop needs to be protected from its heat I can imagine what it could do to hair.

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #123483

I dont know purchased one at target they it didnt get my hair straight enough so I returned it went online purchased the upgraded model and it works great I own a chi and two infra shine flat irons and I love my upgraded instyler more. I have biracial hair its super curly and thick I apply paul mitchcell super skinny plus a heat protectant spray to my damp hair then I blow dry it then use the instyler and my hair is beautiful & flowing. when i use my other irons my hair is super flat bodyless and smells burnt.I must admit the instyler doesnt get close to my roots at all I so use a mini flat iron on my roots.


i know what you mean nina, i just ordered 2 off the internet and i got a call from a salerep that says that they will charge me 3 dollars for a 30 day trial of a discount membership, and i can call within 30 days and cancel but still keep a $40 gift certificate for gas, $25 gift certificate to walmart, and a $25 visa prepaid card as a gift to me. Doesnt that sound to good to be true? :?


Darn,i just ordered one for 99 dollars at walgreens,but after reading all these comments i want my money back before it arrives.


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