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I tried it and couldn't use it. I called 2 times to return it and they talked me out of it by sending me a video and spray to try.

I called back and got the return numbers to put on the box. They told me I had time to return it since I had called before time was out. I didn't know it had to be postmarked. They returned it back to me and when I called them back they were very rude to me and said I was stuck with it and couldn't return it.

Now I've had to pay for something that I can't use. they were not customer friendly at all!

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This whole thing smells fishy to me . I think its time for all these people to file complaints with the BBB and get the instyler indtrash . :grin you can not keep taking money from people and not backing your product .


Are you both customers just being snarky to

Linda or just irritated employees of a company that doesn't seem to back up their product.


:x Of course you didn't know how to use if if you don't even know you have to put postage on mail.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #160574

Were they really rude to you or are you just assuming this because you did not get your way?

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