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Ok, I came to this site looking for reviews regarding the instyler. Its on sale for 99.99 at my local Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Regis salon and Trade secret Salon, Each salon showed me they had the product in use on their own clients for quite a while with no problems and quite pleased. I have friends who purchased the original and love and still have it year later, I have friends who purchased the newest model which is what I am considering now, they love it and no issues..they all paid between 99,99 and 119.99. Now from what i read people here love what they do, but they say they fall apart, or they are rude people and they won't take them back etc. So it seems these were all purchased through online sale gimmick or 2 for 1 deals which usually are exactly just to good to be true and you get what you pay for.

I would love to hear from a customer who actually went into a retail outlet or salon and purchased the item. i would like to hear their reslts, everyone I know is pleased. i want to buy this item, 99.99 is alot for me with two teen daughters who flat iron their hair daily as do I and i wanted to use something to take it easy on our hair and not cause as much damage because i can tell you heat protection sprays aint all that. So are there any satisfied or dissatisfied customers out there who actually went out and bought one paid in full cash money at a retail or salon with no frills or deals, Just the Instyler and what comes with it, no gimmicks, sales pitchs or offers designed to draw people in..i would like to hear from someone who has purchased in that manner good or bad..Please Thank You...kat

Oh also I have worked as a buyer rep and I can tell you that 94% of the time when you get something online or Tv or even in a store and its buy one try for 14.99 and get a second free and this free gift and that free gift 9 times out of ten, they are counterfiet, or refurbished, not the true product..And the companies never honer the return policy or warranty and soon that company just dissappears and thats if you ever get the product at all, and forget getting your money back, thats a joke...Don't believe people counterfit these products...I am sure most of you have heart of Purology Shampoos and fredric fekkai, all name brand high end shampoos and hair care products..Well go to pureologys website and read about diversion and forgery and knockoffs...If yours fell apart after 3 months and you loved it chances are it was not the real deal nor was the company selling it to you...Just a thought....Comments and reviews apprciated, i want your thoughts before i purchase a true Instyler, Hint the real ones have a certificate of authenticity, simply for this reason...

Thanks to all have a great day...Thanks for all replies........Kat

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I bought the Instyler at Zellers - works fine, but I noticed my hair was really heated after I finished ... so I'm going to go against what they company recommends, and will use heat protectant .. but mine works great and makes my hair lovely and straight :)


I purchased a Instyler several months ago. I have shoulder length hair and have a very good layered cut, When I use the Instyler I love the way my hair style turns out, I get lots of compliments!!!!

The only suggestion I would offer is to use a product for heat styling as with any heat styling device your hair suffers..

plus I color my hair. I use a excellent shampoo & conditioner but still get some frizz, which disappears after styling with the Instyler.


well i just bought the instyler from the store and it doesnt work as well as it should my main problem with it is that its a huge fire hazard mine keeps turning on after i turn it off first i thought it was me being forgetful so i turned it off to answer the doorbell and when i got back it had turned back on and managed to burn through their own pad that they provided me with


You can get the real deal from QVC. It is the real deal.

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